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Bedding Basics

Bedding Basics

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Freshen up your bedroom with new sheets, comforters and pillows.

Bedding basics are the core items that help you to build your perfect bed. These are the bedding components that will help complete your bedroom ensemble. Our bedding basics include sheets, blankets, bedskirts, pillows, pillow cases, pillow shams, mattress covers and mattress toppers. All of these are bedding styles that will enhance the look and comfort of your bedding and help give you more restful sleep.

Sheets and pillow casese are items that you will want to have multiple sets of...have fun when selecting them and choose different colors that either complement or enhance the colors in your bedding or bedroom. Make sure to pay attention to the thread count of the sheets and pillow cases...the higher the thread count the more closely woven the threads are and will help create a smoother surface to sleep on. Bamboo blend sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets, althrough more expensive, will give you the ultimate in luxury and smoothness.

We carry a wide selection of designer and novelty blankets and throws in all shapes and sizes. These are great items to have in cooler months to layer onto your bedding for extra warmth. Pillows and mattress toppers are also important basics for your bed to have. Make sure to carefully choose the style and the firmeness that will help give you the perfect night's rest.