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Quilts & Coverlets

Quilts and coverlets, traditional style in timeless designs.

Quilts, bedspreads and coverlets add a splash of color to any bedroom. offers an assortment of sizes, and weights that are suitable to every climate or season.

A new quilt can really change the look and feel of the bedroom. Quilts can be sold separately or as sets. If you purchase a set, make sure to read the description carefully to know what is included. Quilts are multi functional and can also be used as a blanket or extra layer over over a comforter or duvet.

Bedspreads are coverlets that are designed for full coverage of the bed, including the pillows. Coverlets are typically shorter and are designed to have a bed skirt underneath and decorative pillows on top. Both bedspreads and coverlets are sold as individual styles and as sets.

At we offer you every option you can dream of (and dream on...).