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Kids Bedding Buying Guide

kids bedding buying guide

Shopping for your child's next bed set is a fun way to make memories while personalizing and revamping their room. While getting a new room may not be an option, updating your child's bedroom can make their room new and exciting again.

Kids' bedding is designed for kids, yet it is normally the adult who makes the decision on what to buy. There are certain elements that one might require for their kid, like hypoallergenic features, but the design, or the style should reflect the tastes and preferences of your child. understands that very important premise, and in fact, the web site structure was built with that in mind. Start your search by choosing kids bedding, and then narrow your search by choosing either boys bedding or girls bedding. From there, key in on the categories that are important to you, like price range, and then let your kid get involved in picking the style, and the main color.

step one bed size

Not all kids bedding is easily categorized as either for boys or girls. Camouflage bedding is very popular, and although one might consider a camouflage design as strictly for boys, there are plenty of girls who like the camouflage pattern as well.

Whether you are shopping for boys or girls, the first step is to select the size that best fits your child's bed. The most popular bed size for children is a Twin. All products offered in our kids' specific category are available in twin size. Although we also offer many of the bed sets in additional sizes such as Full and in Queen size.

step two boys and girls bedding

Another option in your search is to narrow the assortment down gender - are you shopping for boys bedding or girls bedding?  For girls there are a lot of bold colorful bedding options.   Animal Print, Floral and fun graphic prints are all favorite styles for girl's category.  For boy's sports bedding is a great option. At we carry all the major sports leagues:  NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB andNHL.

step three accessories

Childrens' bed sets include an array of related accessory items, like pillow shams and bed skirts. Some of our kid's bed sets, including those offered by Sweet JoJo Designs, come with as many as 12 items, providing you with everything you need to do an entire room transformation. PEM America, like JoJo Designs, is a leader in kids and baby specific bedding, and they also offer whole room solutions.

Shopping in the manner above gets your child involved in picking out his/her room decor, and also promotes you doing something that will impact your kid’s happiness, together.

Hopefully this guide has helped to answer questions on how to find the perfect bedding for your child's room. Follow this link to shop all kids bedding! Also, if you are in the market for new, coordinating window coverings check out these kids blinds and shades here.