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My Sheets Buying Guide

sheet buying guide

Your sheets are probably the most important part of your bed linens. Bed sheets can be the difference between sleeping like a baby or tossing and turning all night. There are many things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect sheet set.

step one bed size

Consider your needs when choosing your bedding. Do you care about extra softness, or durability? Need to stay warm, or light and cool? Do you need allergy relief? Choose the material that best fits your needs.

Order the right size! The fitted sheet should snuggly fit the mattress. If you have a pillow top mattress or use a mattress pad, be sure you get extra deep pockets on the fitted sheet. By the same token, if you have a standard mattress, get the standard sheet set. The right fit means that the fitted sheet stays fitted. A fitted sheet that’s too small will not stay on the corners, and a fitted sheet that is too big will bunch up beneath you. Start at our Sheets category, then choose your mattress size in the refine bys on the left.

step two luxury and thread count

There are two main factors to consider when choosing your bed sheets:  the material and the thread count.

Thread count is important, but should not be the only quality to consider. The highest thread count does not necessarily mean the most comfortable sheets. The well known bedding brands are normally going to provide a good, quality made sheet. The material also has an impact on how important the thread count is to a particular sheet set. Soft cotton sheets with a 300 thread count are more comfortable than a sheet set of 1000 thread count that is made from a coarse cotton material. Also note that silk sheets, which are considered a luxury bedding item, and bamboo sheets, which are hypoallergenic bedding, have no thread count referenced. Consider the material as well as the thread count when making your choice.

step three sheet fit

Bed sheets include a fitted bottom sheet, a flat sheet, and the appropriate pillow case, or pillow cases. The flat sheet in queen sets will fit every queen bed. The flat sheet in a king will fit a king bed, and a Cal king flat sheet will fit a Cal king bed. Depending on the other bed linens, mattress toppers, and mattress pads, that you use, there will be an impact as to how well the bottom fitted sheet actually fits. Deep pocket sheets, meaning the corner pockets of the fitted sheet are bigger than standard, make the fit of your luxury sheets, a luxury fit.

step four color and design

Color and design are also important details to consider when you are selecting sheets. After you have selected your beadspread, comforter, will need to select sheets that work well with the color and design of the top layer of your bed.  You can choose to go tonal or you can have some fun and go with a contrast color/pattern!  The rule of thumb is really simple; select a color and the design that you like.

Hopefully this guide has helped to answer questions you have regarding how to select the correct sheets for your bed. Follow this link to shop all sheets!